Saturday, March 10, 2007

Peyton and Byrne

I'm not sure there's anything sweeter than iced cupcakes. They make me come over all Doris Day. Peyton and Byrne, squished, somewhat oddly, between Heals and Habitat on Tottenham Court Road, offers about 10 different flavours and it's almost impossible to choose. Add to that a wonderful selection of savouries, pies and OH MY GOD is that a scotch egg I see? you may find it hard to leave.

The store is the latest offering from Oliver Peyton and is, allegedly, based on his mother's recipes. I say allegedly because Roger Pizey is in charge of the kitchen, and I know that he's an amazing patissier. I know this because my mate Paul told me.

I called by on my last day in London, with my brother. We were planning an early supper, but we really couldn't leave without sampling a couple of things. I can recommend the chocolate praline cupcake, even though there was a little more icing that I generally like. The cake was moist and fudgy, not too sweet, and tasted homemade. I didn't even get to try Carl's raspberry and coconut concoction, but he was brushing crumbs off in a very satisfied manner. The scotch eggs are good too, with a good herb flavour to the meat, although I'm still noticed convinced about cold scotch eggs.

The only low point was the coffee, which just wasn't great. I'd recommend buying a box of cupcakes (the packaging is too cute for words) and getting to the Monmouth Coffee Company on Monmouth Street for your caffeine. If you like cake and good design (and really, who doesn't?) this is a must visit London store.

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