Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Fox

I'm just not in the mood for cooking at the moment so I took myself off to the Fox at 28 Paul Street on Thursday. I ate here a couple of times years ago, and fondly remember the mismatched crockery and hearty food. I'd heard that it had recently changed hands and figured I should give it a go, before I go.

When I eat out I like to try food that I can't make at home, so I struggle a bit with gastropubs. Short of not having to do the washing up, I can usually rustle up the same. So things like really good service and some distinctive choices become really important to me. The menu here changes weekly and I'd heard good reports about suckling pig and eggs bourgignon so I was hoping for some dishes a cut above the usual.

I was a bit disappointed with the limited menu, but this was more down to high expectations set by other reviews than anything the Fox does wrong. The menu changes weekly, with about four starters and four mains, and a couple of daily specials. I chose the terrine, which was a bit fridge cold, but was very porky and was a good excuse to eat another two slices of their rather lovely warm bread. A main of rabbit with olives was just that, a leg, a saddle and whatever you'd call a rabbit's arms and some green and black olives. It was all suitably rustic and certainly beat anything I could have been bothered to rustle up.

Am still not totally convinced about this gastropub thing you know.

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