Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Delicious and Healthy? Perhaps not quite...

I'm currently torn between Gillian McKeith and Nigel Slater.

The McKeith thing is part of my annual January detox and my intake of raw green things, seeds and wholegrains has gone up, while my consumption of Vacherin Mont D'or has gone down. I think it can be hard to eat clean and eat deliciously but I have been giving it a go.

The soup on the left is based on a very Nigel Slater concept, a vegetable soup with a really chunky garnish to ponce it up a bit. He recommended his leek and potato soup served with slices of fried black pudding but I felt this wasn't saintly enough so I improvised with sauted potatoes and the weeniest bit of chorizo dulce. You'll notice my use of the term "quite" saintly. No-one's perfect!

The soup really benefitted from being made with chicken stock rather than vegetable. I find it gives it more body and much, much more flavour. The potatoes were marfona, from the supermarket, with a couple of little charlottes thrown in with the skins still on. The leeks, while not as sweet and perfect as the organic ones from last year, were still good and I am wondering if the recent snow might have improved the flavour.

My McKeith bit? A couple of handfuls of rocket chopped and stirred through at the last minute to make up for the chorizo. And a really easy way to get another portion of veg in! A real winter warmer and one I'll make again.

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