Sunday, November 30, 2008

Movember Gingerbread Men

Brady does Santa
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Some of my colleagues have been looking a little hirsute recently. Movember Madness has infected the Calgary office and there have been a lot of furry looking men around. I was even asked if I wanted to "pet" someone's mustache on Friday night.

I declined with thanks.

That said, I was once told that kissing a man without a beard is like eating eggs without salt. And you wouldn't do that...hmmmmn.

Anyway, I wanted to do my bit to support Movember, but wasn't sure that a handlebar mustache would suit me. So I gathered together a group of girls (henceforth known as the Gingerbread Elves) to make some gingerbread men to sell to our colleagues. I figured that we could ice some mustaches onto them.

Sunday afternoon saw us making and baking two batches of gingerbread dough. Monday saw us laying them out in the office and setting up an icing station so that people could decorate and then eat. My creative friends made some cowboys and a transgendered gingerbread person. These were to be sold at a premium.

We raised $85 which goes towards our team goal. If you fancy donating before Movember ends, go here

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