Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tomato Soup and Cafe Vue

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You already know that the weather here was glorious on the weekend. I ate some lovely ice-cream, I spent a morning at a spa being massaged to within an inch of my life and I invested in a winter coat that, according to the sales girl, will see me to -20 degrees.

Sunday saw me eating at a vegetarian restaurant, and I think that this is where it went awry. It's called The Coup and, given I'd just done a really intense yoga session and was craving some protein, I bimbled merrily along, assuming that it was a chicken joint based entirely on the fact that chickens live in coups.

Of course, I was wrong.

We shared a platter of what can only be described as compost. Readers of a gentle disposition might want to look away now, but they served a curry cream cheese dip, garnished with banana. *Involuntary gag*. I'll admit that the yam chips were OK, but really, this kind of food isn't going to convince anyone that not eating meat is a positive lifestyle choice. For the record, I have nothing against vegetarianism or vegetarians. I save my disdain for the vegans. But really, this place was a new low on the deliciousness scale.

The irony is, I was going home to prepare some vegetables.

I'd had a sensational tomato and basil soup at Vue Cafe on Saturday, and so had spent more than a couple of hours attempting to procure some decent tomatoes to replicate the dish at home. Vue is a sweet little place, in the middle of an art gallery and serving a really simple menu, along with some wines and beers.

I love any place where the wine list has a sense of humour, and Vue is set up to put a smile on your face. The service is relaxed, chatty and attentive. The menu an example of knowing what you do well and not being scared to serve it. The cheese and herb biscuit that came with my soup was a perfect example of warm, busomy, biscuity goodness. They dealt well with an oil-slick Binky, so relaxed from my massage that I was at risk of sliding off my stool.

But back to the tomatoes. The ones in the photo weren't *quite* as good as the heirloom tomatoes I picked up at the Farmers Market last week, but once they were roasted, pricked with chili and soused with some smoked salt, then liquidised with some garlic and onion, they made a perfectly delicious roasted tomato soup that was head and shoulders above the vegetable abominations I'd been served earlier.

The Coup is at 924b 17th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta Canada
Ph: 403.541.1041. Really, I would give it a wide berth.

Vue Cafe is situated inside Virginia Christopher Fine Art at 816-11 Ave SW. Ph 403.263.4346

The Newbury Spa
is at 720 – 11th Avenue SW Ph. 403.265.7499

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